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All locations online physics and chemistry.
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HSC Physics Tutor Chemistry Tutor Teacher Engineer Tutoring Sydney

I have over 15 years experience as a NSW physics and chemistry high school teacher.

I teach HSC physics and chemistry as well as IB physics.

My qualifications are in education and chemical engineering.

I am an experienced HSC Marker, NESA accredited, and I have a current WWCC.

My goal is to bring out the best in your physics and chemistry examination performance and I have helped a number of students to achieve their goals in their physics and chemistry studies.

I rely on patience, clear explanation, and listening carefully to your questions to help you achieve your potential.

Additionally, support can be given to you in examination preparation, creating study plans, and techniques to create high mark extended-response answers in exams.

My belief is that all students are capable of mastering physics and chemistry when they can learn it in the way that suits them. Engagement is critical, when a student sees the relevance of the physics concept to their everyday world, a lasting connection is made, and remembering becomes much easier.

My hope is that through a greater understanding of the content, your motivation, confidence and your future success will grow with it.

Available for online or face-to-face coaching in Sydney.

How I Can Help You

or face-to-face.
HSC Physics or Chemistry

1 hr
From $120 


Less than 10 km from Marsfield or Bondi.
From $25 

IB Tutoring.
1 hr
From USD $100
GBP £70
CAD $150
AUD $150 


Places available NOw: 1

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