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Physics and Chemistry COACHING

Online and
face-to-face in Sydney.



  • Educator with 15+ years expertise in high school physics and chemistry in New South Wales (NSW).

  • Taught at PLC Sydney, Queenwood School, International Grammar School, and The King's School.

  • HSC Marker, NESA accredited and current Working With Children Check (WWCC).

  • Raises students' performance in physics and chemistry exams through patient, clear explanations and listening.

  • Provides support for exam preparation, study plans, and refining extended-response answer techniques.

  • Differentiated learning to help all students master physics and chemistry.

  • Prioritizes engagement and relevance of concepts to daily life for effective learning and retention.

  • Uses current, evidence-based teaching methods to enhance knowledge acquisition and joy of learning.

  • Fosters a deeper understanding of subjects, instilling motivation and confidence for future academic success.

  • Offers both online and face-to-face coaching in Sydney.

How I Can Help.

or face-to-face.
HSC Physics or Chemistry

1 hr
From $120 


Less than 15 km from Macquarie University.
From $30 

IB Tutoring.
1 hr
From USD $100
GBP £70
CAD $150
AUD $150 

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