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Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Tutoring sessions can be as structured or as free-form as you would like. What I have found often works well is having an underlying "course" or approach, that can be changed as your needs change throughout the year. For example you may have struggled with a particular topic or homework question during the the week and would like some help with that as a priority for that session. You may have a test coming up and would like to revise some concepts in preparation for it. In these cases the course would be put on hold and the more relevant issues dealt with.

"Stay committed to your decisions but stay flexible in your approach."

Remedial Course

The focus of this approach is to identify and address gaps that you may have in your knowledge. These gaps maybe be important understandings that are holding you back.

Intermediate Course

The focus is on reviewing recent work done in class.

Advanced Course

The emphasis is on being proactive. Introduction is made to upcoming work at school, so that the student enters the classroom confident and able to absorb the lesson content more easily when it comes. Extra depth of understanding of the subject can also be gained.

A typical student would spend about 1 term doing remedial work covering past modules. They would then do another 1 term at an intermediate level reviewing the weeks work at each weekly lesson. They would then do a final term of working at an advanced level by familiarising upcoming material predicted to be taught in class the following week.


Prescribed notes are not usually part of my approach. I do however, have plenty of notes, problems and exercises, as well as my own teaching material that I have made during the years to draw on when needed.

I find that students receive enough general instruction at school and can join a coaching college class to receive more of the same. As tutoring is often only weekly, I aim to make the most of the time by targeting the specific needs of the student.

I have also tried to collect the best images that demonstrate physics concepts in the most easy to understand way and incorporate them into the teaching materials which I use.

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